Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year, New Wardrobe Wants

Forget the sales, January is when the shops restock and offer us some gorgeous pieces. Here are three items I am seriously considering indulging in when my uni loan comes in...
First is this New Look animal Peter Pan tunic. At £16.99 it's one of the shop's cheaper options, which is always a plus. I know these collars were quite big last year (wow it feels weird writing that) but, if New Look's mini collection of Peter Pan collar tunics are anything to go by, they look set to hang around for a little bit longer. I wasn't really interested in this kind of collar previously but this tunic might just be an exception for me. I blame the print and the tunic's colour - the black one with this collar really didn't do it justice - as they work really well together.

Next up we have a LOVE tile stacking ring which goes straight for the Scrabble-loving, word-geek that I am. At £8 it's a bit pricey for a ring but given how amazing it is and the fact it's from Accessorize (not looking so pricey now when you look at some of their other pieces) it will be a worthwhile £8.

Finally is this bracelet. I adore these kinds of things - I've never really been one for a delicate, intricate chain adorning my wrist - so this is definitely right up my street. It is £8.50 but as it's from Dorothy Perkins I do get 10% student discount which knocks a bit off. Also, I have a feeling I'd wear this to absolute death as it would go really well with my casual uni day wardrobe, as well as living up a party dress. Always a sign of a good accessory.

And these are my three "oh my goodness I really, really, really want these in my life" pieces of the high street's new 2011 stock.

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