Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wardrobe additions

So as I mentioned in my previous post the last few weeks have been a bit spend-heavy. I've been using birthday money and loan to full advantage and adding a few new pieces to my wardrobe I know I'll wear to death. I haven't put all of them in here because some are simple vest tops in various shades of blue and pairs of coloured tights, which aren't all that interesting in looking at...

However, I do have for your eyes the two dresses I bought for my birthday (I do believe I tweeted about my dilemma) as well as two new pieces from New Look.

Firstly we have this daisy print tunic/dress from Topshop. This was quite a momentous occasion as it was my first ever clothing buy from Topshop. I don't usually shop there because the sizing is, to be honest, quite ridiculous and I've never been able to fit into things properly through stiff material etc. Plus the prices can be pretty crazy too. However I was helping a friend find nice things and pulled out this. It was roughly my size and stretchy material so I decided to risk it. I'm so glad I did because it's a brilliant piece and formed my outfit for my birthday meal out.

Next up is the runner up in my birthday outfit choices. I originally went into Peacocks looking for their Kate Middleton engagement dress copy (which they didn't stock, boo) and saw this peeking out from a rail as I browsed the shop. It was the colour that originally caught my eye as I am partial to green and then the dress itself is tailored well. The long sleeves with elasticated wrists are brilliant because it means I can wear this in summer without having to worry about a cardigan and getting too hot. Always a bonus.

Finally, and I'll deal with these together, are my more recent purchases from New Look. Apologies for the picture quality, the New Look website is notoriously awkward for getting pictures from and at quarter to four in the morning I can't be bothered to faff about with my camera to get decent ones on here.

Anyway! The first is a dip-hem top (according to the website). Basically it's longer at the back, eradicating chances of builder's bum issues. Hurrah! The price slash to £9.99 and the coral colour of this top caught my interest and well, I'm always looking for lovely tunics and interesting tops to wear with jeans. I tend to avoid proper t-shirts. Awkward I know!

Also purchased with this top was something that had been on my wish-list for a while now: an oversized cardigan without the awkward buttons. I had originally wanted this in grey but it was impossible to find a cardigan similar to this in that colour - they were all really thick knits which I didn't want in the slightest. This one is brilliant though. The sleeves are slim fitting meaning they cling around my wrists rather than go all strange and baggy like some of my other cardigans and the neutral black means I can practically live in this cardigan which makes me happy because I'm partial to a good cardigan. I have been teaming it with my PJs the last few days because I'm embracing a week of laziness by padding about in my PJs from pretty early in the evening.

Hurrah for a life of (semi) leisure!

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