Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My last day as a teenager

Argh it feels weird just writing that! Anyway, my minor panic aside, I turn twenty tomorrow. Nope still feels weird. Haha. I've been quite reflective over the last few days as I consider the loss of my teen years as demonstrated by a conversation with my mum Sunday before I came back to uni:

me: it's really weird thinking I'm going to be twenty soon
mum: why?
me: well, twenty seems more grown up somehow. I know technically eighteen is the adult phase but I still felt really young. I just suddenly feel like a grown up. It's weird.
mum: well twenty means you're not a teenager any more, technically you are a grown up. You have to grow up

Okay so maybe I won't grow up as such (young at heart and all that jazz) but I'm waving goodbye to my teen years. They were mostly good to me:

  • I fell in love
  • I dealt with issues that had haunted me for years
  • I made some amazing new friends
  • I got to study a new language
  • I wrote more than I probably ever will again
  • I saw my work published online and in a magazine
  • I was a bridesmaid
  • I danced with the boy I liked at prom
  • I walked home past midnight after an amazing date feeling like I was floating
  • I met Kate Nash (!)
  • I interviewed a band
  • I became an editor
  • I became an aunt - twice!
  • I saw Taylor Swift - twice!
  • I got baptised
  • I became President of my uni's CU
  • I moved over 200 miles away from my family
  • I went to beautiful countries
  • I bought my first (and only) designer handbag
  • I found a great vintage shop
  • I grew closer to my parents
I'm not going to deny that there's been pants times too - arguments with friends, having them leave and never hear from them again, losing family members and pets, crying solidly through the night feeling like your heart is going to break, being turned down and having days where staying in bed seems like the best option for life - but overall I've loved my teen years so I'm a little bit sad about saying goodbye to them in a mere 11 hours (I was one of those lovely early in the morning babies).

I'll be posting a few pics from today including two contenders for my birthday dress. I'm having dinner with the girls at Frankie and Bennys and actually cannot decide what to wear so once I've got work out the way I think a bit of dress up is in order!

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