Friday, 7 January 2011

Lose the hate, not the weight

"making self-conscious girls even more demanding and critical, reminding them it's not okay to be fat and to be a plus size."

"Tell me what you ate today and I won't listen as you've eaten too much. To be thinner, skip Dinner"

"I'm cruel to be kind. Fat people aren't taken seriously. Skinny people will always be fashionable..."

If I'd posted the above tweets, the majority of my friends who read my tweets would probably be at my door/on the phone demanding what's going on in my head and why I'm being such an ass.

As it is, I haven't posted these tweets. Someone else has. This person shall remain nameless to avoid further publicity which they seem to rely on like water (although watching them get rejected by the celebrities they're reaching out to is rather funny) but I'm sure some of you who read this know who I'm talking about.

If you're on Twitter and you follow worldwide trends you'll also be aware of this (most likely). Thankfully, there's a whole trending topic and a cry of outrage against what this person is saying.

It's sick that someone out there is actively encouraging girls to diet to the extreme levels of simply not eating. At all. They're pursuing girls to adopt a form of something they call "managed anorexia"

Because encouraging girls to develop and pursue an full-blown, deadly dangerous, disease is possibly the purest form of idiocy. This person is playing a dangerous game. Fair enough, if they want to pursue this delusion of theirs but people who are already ill with an eating disorder or who feel low about themselves and latch onto their promises that being thinner will make you happier can take this further than anyone ever should. This person is, perhaps inadvertently, playing with people's lives with their bigoted views.

Oh and also, I'm a size 16/18. I study fashion journalism, I'm fashion and beauty editor at my uni magazine and my friends tell me they consider me fashionable. This Twitter menace's argument is now invalid.

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