Monday, 4 October 2010

All Apologies and an interior post

Hello everyone. Firstly let me apologise like mad about my distinct lack of updates for a while. I know, I know, bad blogger. I got caught up in fresher's week and the Christian Union events planning/advertising/running a surprising amount. Things are returning back to normal and I'm sure I'll soon return to spending my evenings twiddling my thumbs so I'll be persistently updating things here for you.

So, apology out of the way it's time for a "what Natasha bought" post with a slight twist. Tonight's post is not an item of jewellery or a pretty dress as it usually is. Tonight's post is about a very pretty bedside table.

A bedside table I hear you cry. She left us for all that time and now she's back to tell us about a table?!

But this is no ordinary bedside table. No, it doesn't lead to a magical land a'la Narnia (I wish). It is however an amazing find from a charity shop (and who doesn't love those?). Costing me just £25 from British Heart Foundation's Furniture Store I fell in love with this table as soon as I spotted it hidden away in the corner.

It looks/is vintage (we're not sure) and has both a cubby hole and cute little drawer complete with glass top. It's just what I needed for my uni room which hasn't got a bedside table. This is a problem for me because I like having certain things next/near to my bed such as water, pen and paper, my inhalors, glasses, mobile and ipod. I dislike leaving them on the floor in case I tread on them half asleep and break them, and I don't like leaving them on my windowsill because the blinds sometimes knock them off. A pretty table is the perfect solution.

I also bought a rather sweet picture from there for a barginous £5. In case you can't read the writing it says "Tree of love". It might not be a stunning piece of art like Picasso or Van Gough but in its own way it's really good, plus it's my kind of picture. I think the whole concept is adorable and the little blue heart branches/leaves are amazing. So this is also adorning my uni wall along with all my posters and collages.

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  1. That table is soooo adorable! Very good find! Im insanely jealous of you owning it :P That picture is also very cute ^-^


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