Friday, 15 October 2010

Disney Mania

So within the past few weeks I've been super busy (sorry,I've been really absent from blogging) and have also spent a considerable amount of time in a fairly new shop to Sunderland. Over summer we got a Disney store in the shopping centre here called the Bridges. I adore Disney. I'm such a little geek!

Anyway being back up here with some money I may have been in a few times. I've accumulated a fair amount of stuff from there now. A couple of stuffed toys - I got Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas as a treat for myself and Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog as a treat for a friend - as well as some DVDs (buy one get one free DVDs have always been a weakness of mine) and a few more home ware items.

So my home ware Disney haul consists entirely of old-school Mickey Mouse stuff. I much prefer old-school style Mickey to the more modern version you see on Playhouse Disney. The first item I picked up was more of a vital item because being in England it rains a lot, so an umbrella is pretty essential. A problem I've had in the past has been the wind up here, most umbrellas turn inside out in a matter of seconds. So, introducing *drum roll* my Mickey Mouse comic strip umbrella:

Not only is this umbrella amazing for its vintage Mickey comic strip, it only cost me £10 and is designed so it goes down a lot further than most umbrellas - minimising risk of blowing inside out and breaking.

On a further vintage Mickey comic strip note, I also caved in and bought this fun pillow:
I'm not sure why but I really like pillows. I impulse bought a light green pillow with white polka dots from Wilkinsons a few days before this simply because it was half price. Anyway, at £15 this was slightly more expensive than the umbrella but it's super, super soft.

The last Mickey-related item I bought was this little snow globe. For those of you who don't recognise it, it's from Steamboat Willie which is often accredited as Mickey's most famous episode. It was the cheapest of all the items I bought, at just £8, and it's got a proud place next to my mini TARDIS on my beautiful bedside table.

As if that wasn't enough, at the time of buying this stuff I was lucky enough to catch the end of an offer where you spent over £10 and had the choice of a Mickey or Minnie Mouse dinner set for half price (£5). My niece adores Mickey Mouse Club House and Minnie Mouse so I thought she might enjoy the Minnie one so I kinda jumped the gun and got her Christmas present rather early. The picture below is the Mickey version as that's the one pictured on the Disney Store website but I'm sure you can imagine Minnie's face instead of Mickey's. Oh and it's red instead of blue.

And that is my Disney Store haul. I've now banned myself from there until November where I shall be going to pick up my copy of Toy Story 3 on DVD which I pre-ordered from there for £9.99. Despite being at uni I'm obviously a bit kid at heart...

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