Monday, 4 October 2010

Style Crush: Whitney Port

Photos l-r: a selection of Whitney's amazing outfits, Spring 2010 Whitney Eve, Teen Vogue shoot with Lauren Conrad

I own none of these, all photos were found via google

As an avid watcher of pre-Kristen The Hills (it just wasn’t the same without LC or Whitney) and The City, Whitney Port has always caught my eye due to her amazing ensembles. This is a girl who can take a simple dress and make it look stunning. She even makes jumpsuits – a trend I’d never dare to even contemplate attempting – look uber flattering.

Not only can she dress herself fashionably, but she also dresses other people fashionably. Well, she designs the clothes; it’s up to them how they use the pieces from her line. Whitney Eve is a beautiful range full of even more beautiful pieces. And an interview with Miss Port herself showed such this summer. I quite often avoid the Ibiza issue of Company magazine but was swayed to buy it this year, based solely on the fact Whitney was on the cover looking striking in a gorgeous blue dress (it doesn’t credit her cover outfit from my brief flick through but it’s stunning). I’ve added owning a piece from her collection to my list of things I want to achieve. Sorry Olivia (Whitney’s The City co-star who is often hailed as a style crush) but Whitney wins it for me.

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