Thursday, 21 October 2010

Style Crush: Taylor Swift

All pictures sourced from google images

Today I have managed to get my hands on some pre-sale Taylor Swift tickets. I'm so excited and am already impatient for March. I'm going with my good friend Michelle from Daisybutter as I always have. This will be our third Taylor concert.

So, in honour of my excitement of Taylor Swift concert-ness (general tickets are on sale Friday 22 from 9am) I present you, dear reader, with another style crush.

From running around on stage, guitar in hand, to attending award shows and walking the red carpet, Taylor always manages to look classy, beautiful and relaxed. She tends to wear things that are simple in design and have a look about them that make you think "yeah, I could see myself in something like that". A great example of this is the pink dress I've managed to get a picture of. I would totally wear a dress like that, and I'd probably rock it with a white cardigan the same way she has.

And the red dress she changed into at the VMAs the other year? If I still had a prom to go to, I'd consider wearing a dress in that style. (In fact, if you're interested mine was that style but longer and in an emerald green with black tuelle over the top of the skirt.)

I think this is a huge part of the appeal for me. Some people look great in ornate dresses which are more works of art than pieces of clothing but a lot of Taylor's outfits have a cute, girlish quality to them - which is appealing to someone like me - along with a bundle of wearability about them. Throw in a piece of understated but lovely jewellery and her free-flowing hair and you have a Taylor outfit. Beautiful, understated (becoming rare these days with certain people) and something that the majority of the time she's probably picked herself.

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