Sunday, 17 October 2010

Weekend Wonders

So this is the first of a (hopefully) regular post. I got the idea from the lovely Michelle over at daisybutter but thought I'd narrow it down from a week to the weekends as that's usually when I'm least busy, beautifully enough. So here is the first weekend wonder:

Top row l-r:
  • I wrote out my Christmas list this weekend. One of my parents particularly hate Christmas and prefers to get all their shopping done before Christmas mania descends on town centres. It's made up mostly of fashion/journalism books and a few dvd box sets (the o.c., 90210 and gossip girl).
  • This little cutie is my self-reward for being made Fashion and Beauty editor for my uni's online magazine Detour, which launches the end of this month. I'm absolutely chuffed about it!
  • I did a food shop this afternoon and managed to get a ton of stuff for £13 in a cheap-but-decent shop called Heron (think Farmfoods but a bit cheaper). I probably would've spent an extra £10 had I gone to Tesco as I have been doing so far... I should probably stop buying food and actually use up the tins I've been buying though. Whoops!
Bottom row l-r:

  • I spent my Saturday afternoon reading all the magazines I've bought this week. I have a really bad habit of buying them and never reading them which is really bad. It took me about four hours to get through them all but I've done it.
  • Something about flowers really cheers me up. So I've been buying flowers a lot recently. The "vase" is a big ol' plastic tumbler cup from my local co-op back home. It only cost me about 60p as they were trying to get rid of the leftover summer BBQ stuff. Bargain. We have a little flower shop near the flat so I grab a fresh bunch every time my flowers die.
  • My Bible (how huge is it!). Had an awesome day at church today. My friend Eric gave the sermon and he's hilarious when he does. Seriously though, my Bible is literally the size of the Oxford English Dictionary (y'know, the proper big version) but I wouldn't trade it for a smaller one. I've had this since I was baptised nearly three years ago so it's really special to me.

And that's the end of my first weekend wonders. Hope you enjoyed it!

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