Monday, 18 October 2010

Bouncing Baby Thumper

Thumper Baby Set; Disney, £24.99

My brother's girlfriend has just gone into labour. I'm mega excited, even though I'm already an aunt to an absolutely adorable two year old girl. This baby is going to be a boy and potentially called Alfie. Now I went on a little baby present spree a few weeks ago and got a few practical bits because they got so many clothes I was banned from buying any. However if I was to buy something with clothes it totally would've been this set from the Disney Store. It comes in Thumper or 101 Dalmation but I adore the Thumper one so much.

Each set contains a bib, hat, bodysuit and PJ set for baby plus a mini character bean bag toy which isn't too bad value wise given the price of each thing individually.

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