Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Quarter Year Review: February

♥My friend Kerri came up to visit me at uni for a week and camped out on my floor. She got the joys of Sunderland's Disney store and Newcastle's Lush, Hotel Chocolat and Paperchase
♥The whole reason for her coming (as well as hanging out up here) was to see The Saturdays in Newcastle. Brilliant show and my style crush on Molly and Vanessa continues.
♥We also met the support act TwentyTwenty and I interviewed them for Spark. Pretty weird as last week I saw their music video on one of the music channels and promptly screamed "MUM I INTERVIEWED THEM THE OTHER MONTH"
♥Speaking of interviewing bands I also attended the launch party of local band Athletes In Paris' new single Borrow Time. I first met/interviewed/went to their gig back in September 2009 when I was an ickle fresher. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the lead singer remembered me. I interviewed them for Spark as well before listening to their single live (having previously only heard snippets from their facebook page) and promptly loved it.
♥I progressed onto season 2 of the O.C. which is probably my favourite season for Seth/Summer moments (not including the season one coffee cart declaration of love that started it all) such as the Spiderman kiss in the rain pictured
♥Finally, I added to my 50-squillion cushion collection on my bed. Okay so I don't have quite that many but I have a lot of cushions for one girl. In my defence I prefer cushions to pillows and have some on my desk chair as the chair is quite old and hurts my back otherwise. She says sounding like an old lady rather than a twenty year old. Whoops!

And that was February.

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