Friday, 1 April 2011

Quarter Year Review: January

So we're officially a quarter of the way through the year...yes I am enough of a geek to know things like that automatically on the first day of April. So I've decided (because I've been in a rubbish mood for the last month and thought some reflection might cheer me up a bit) to have a looksie back at the last three months starting with (logically) the first month; January.

♥Said goodbye to my family including my adorable niece (pictured) and left for uni with a ton of food and several of my niece's paintings which now adorn my bedroom wall
♥Had to take down my Christmas decorations when arriving back at uni. Basically I had to put away a mini Christmas tree, nativity scene and take down two lengths of tinsel
♥Had my birthday! I waved my teenage years goodbye and stepped into that age known as 20. Unfortunately I didn't get any balloons, let alone Jack Skeleton ones, but I did get...
♥Presents in various gift bags! I love the packaging as much as the presents themselves so my brilliant friends came armed with gift bags, glitter, ribbon, wrapping paper and tissue paper when...
♥We had a birthday meal at Frankie and Benny's. Best birthday meal to date. We probably traumatised our poor waiter but we did get a free round of drinks, which made up for the cook burning my pizza then forgetting about me :/
♥I sorted out my nail varnishes and realised I probably have too many...I think at last count I had around 40?
♥I began re-watching the O.C. after I finally got season 2 of it on DVD for my birthday. I actually ended up watching most of season one on date nights in with the boyfriend and he really got into the show. We both ♥ Seth.
♥And finally, in true geek form I indulged in new stationary from Paperchase for the new term at uni including this doodle notebook for my lecture notes.

And that was (pretty much) my January.

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