Friday, 22 April 2011

Uni Loan Day Lust List

Hello lovely readers. Now don't be too shocked but look, it's a non-series post! *Cue dramatic music and gasps of amazement* I usually try and avoid online browsing as I can be quite the impulse buyer. However the other day I received a 25% off voucher from Matalan and, with it not expiring until a week after my uni loan goes in, I decided to indulge in a bit of shopping on their website. I plumped for the dresses section as I'm lacking in those at the moment and want to build my collection back up. Which is how I stumbled across this gorgeous little number:

Matalan Jade Divinity Print Tunic Dress, £18

How lovely is this? I like the look of the fabric, in my head it's a little bit silky. I'm not too sure about the belt but belts can be removed so I'm ignoring that for the moment! I could easily wear this in the day or - don't mind my casual planning ahead here - for my friend's wedding in August. I think I was partly drawn to it because it reminded me of the Alexander McQueen printed dresses worn by Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss during the relief for Haiti fashion show...

Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen for Relief for Haiti

Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing the resemblance? I do love me some McQueen but, obviously, not having the budget for it I shall, alas, for now make do with replicas/similar but possibly not intentional pieces like the Matalan dress.

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