Sunday, 12 December 2010

30 day blog challenge: day 13

Day 13 - Your favourite musician and why?

Again, I'm going to ever so slightly bend the rules to this day's post. I have two favourite musicians so both will feature.

Artist number one is Alexz Johnson. She's a Canadian singer and actress who I first stumbled across in t.v. show Instant Star (follows the winner of a talent contest similar to the X Factor with a rather attractive ex-boy band member as her mentor), when I was fifteen. I was instantly amazed by her vocals. Add in the fact she wrote a lot of her songs for the series and I was hooked. She released her first solo album this year and it's simply brilliant. My favourite tracks from it are Mr Jones, A little Bit, Taker and Boogie Love although I could easily just list all eleven tracks. I'm waiting for the day I can afford to go see her in Canada/America or for her to come over here.

Next up is Taylor Swift. This is a kind of obvious one for those of you who know me. I've seen her live twice so far, but I'm going again at the end of March for her Speak Now tour. I'm so excited! I love the way she expresses herself through her music and I have mega respect for where she writes her own lyrics and music. Plus she's totally funny, the kind of girl you can imagine being friends with and goofing around with (youtube her general videos, they're hilariously silly).

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