Thursday, 2 December 2010

One party outfit, one store

Okay so I decided to see if I could put a party outfit together using the items from just one store. I chose Asda mainly because of its prices and managed to get a dress, pair of shoes and bag for just over £40 (I hit £41). Not too bad though given that's technically an entire outfit as most people (myself very much included) like to recycle jewellery.

First of all, apologies for the teeny tiny pictures. It's ridiculously difficult getting pictures from Asda to save well so this is the best I've got.

The dress. Red is one of the go-to colours this time of year, plus its a colour that can suit anyone. The strapless style may not be one comfortable for everyone but if you don't like your arms there are lots of beautiful shrugs and wraps out there for you to cover up with. The drawn in waist does wonders for a girl's figure and it's a flattering length for your legs to look extra lovely. Dress, £17

Now these shoes look quite plain and black here. However if you find them on the website and look properly, you can see they have lace detailing. A/W 2010 ♥s lace and in small doses so do I. The ankle strap keeps your feet secure for hours of dancing and the heel isn't so ridiculously high that you'll be crying when you leave for home. Lace detailing heels, £16

And finally the bag. Well, the clutch if we're going to be very specific. Every outfit needs a bit of sparkle. Nothing too crazily over the top before you go and roll around in a glitter pile, just a little hint of something sparkly is brilliant. And if you plan on leaving jewellery well alone for this outfit or want just a pair of earrings rather than a full jewellery set adorning you all night then this sparkle clutch bag is perfect. It's black which keeps it a staple piece for numerous other outfits/parties, looks big enough to fit the essentials in (spare tights, purse, keys, etc) and gives you that little hint of pixie dust we love so much this time of year. Or all round if you're me. Bag, £8

Total cost of outfit: £41

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