Friday, 3 December 2010

Blog challenge: day 3

Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect first date.

Okay so this one is actually quite short. I like being able to talk to my date so a drink in a Costa/coffee shop or a bite to eat in a cafe/restaurant works really well for me.

This is pretty much drawn from experience. The first time I met up with my now boyfriend, we went to Costa where we spent about three hours talking and, upon realising how late it had got when we were about to be thrown out of Costa because they were closing, moved on to dinner. He then walked me home before leaving to get the bus back to his own house. It was brilliant because we spent so long talking. And he quoted lines of Romeo and Juliet and various poetry. Which I loved and made me even more smitten than I already was. Thus, perfection.

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