Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sick days

So it turns out that after several months of uni living my body is now rejecting "rich foods". I'm actually gutted about this. Last night my mum and I had a Chinese take away from the same place we always do and we had exactly the same food. But I've been up all night and can't even keep water. Fun times! So I've been rejected to my sick bed (where I'm typing this now) and have been here (checks time) oh about sixteen hours.

This also means plans to go to my grandma's have (at least) been postponed to tomorrow. We were meant to leave today but mum doesn't want to risk me making my grandma sick, which is fair enough. I'm really hoping I'm better tomorrow so we can go then as I've always gone to my grandma's with my mum for Christmas and I haven't been able to see my grandma since last Christmas, which is unusual for me.

We'll have to see tomorrow though, so until then I'm in bed with my season 3 boxset of the O.C. on DVD (Seth Cohen makes all things slightly better, and Summer is awesome), my Itunes and a big bottle of water to attempt to stay hydrated. I'm refusing to go downstairs as I'm not allowed food and I don't want to be downstairs watching people eat when I can't. Haha.

I've also plumped for ultra comfort though. I've got on my most comfy pj top and a pair of mum's old jogging bottoms. The only downside to being in my room is that my Christmas dress is taunting me in my illness. Grr.

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