Friday, 3 December 2010

30 day blog challenge: day 4

Day 4 - Your favourite photograph of your best friend

Okay so technically I'm breaking the rules here because there are four pictures rather than one. However I tend not to have just one best friend so from left to right...

First up we have my church family. I love these people so much. This was taken a few years ago now at a birthday party for one of them (I'm second from the end on the left there, grey cardi and green/blue dress. Man my legs looked good. I miss that dress. It got too big so I gave it to a friend but I still miss it.) Anyway, this night was a lot of fun and even though I'm away from them a lot with uni now I always slot right back in to the big crazy family at church.

Next up are my main two friends at uni, Emily (middle) and Katie (right). This was taken at a great night out in February of this year. We went to Leeds with some other people (let's not endure that memory again) on a mini bus to see a few local bands (local as in Sunderland where I go to uni). It was at a place called Brudnell social club which Emily was very familiar with and she ended up getting into a bit of a struggle for Frankie and the Heartstrings' drum stick. Amazingly hilarious to this day.

Next up are my friends from school. Well a bunch of them anyway. This was taken during the last few weeks of school of year 11 where everyone went on a giant "WE MUST DOCUMENT EVERYTHING WITH A PICTURE" rampage. Ourselves included. We went for a nice group one but in typical us style it never happened that way.I don't think there was ever a group photo where someone wasn't doing something silly. But they make great memorable photos.

Finally we have the newest group of friends. These lovely people at the dining table are my Christian Union friends and, in our own way, we're kind of like our own little family. This was taken during a weekend away to Kesick in the Lake District so not everyone is in it as not everyone could come, but it was a lovely weekend nonetheless. I've met some of the loveliest people ever through CU and although I missed a weekend away at church back home for the CU one, it was definitely worth it for the fun we had.

And so comes an end to the slightly changed day 4 blog challenge

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