Sunday, 26 December 2010

30 day blog challenge: days 25,26 and 27

Day 25 - What's in your purse?
Day 26 - A photo of somewhere you've been to.
Day 27 - A picture of you last year and now and how you changed since then?

Whoops, another catch up session. However, it has been Christmas so you can't exactly blame me for not being on my blog the last few days! My mum and I (after my illness delaying it by a day) went to stay at my grandma's place in Nottingham where we spent Christmas and got back this afternoon.

Right then... day 25 - What's in your purse?

This is as close a picture I could get to my purse (I'm not on my laptop so connecting my Blackberry to get a pic is a no-no). Anyway, as always it boasts a lot of cards (including my now vital waterstones card...a bit like a boots card or tesco clubcard but for the hugely geeky), some old bank statement receipts, a few odds and ends and the £20 my grandma presented me with upon announcing we were leaving this afternoon.

Day 26 - A photo of somewhere you've been to.

This particularly tranquel looking spot is in Belek, Turkey where I went on holiday in 2007 with my dad, step-mum and step-sister. The day before this was taken my step-sister fainted with dehydration so she was back at the hotel with my step-mum and it was just myself and my dad on the day out the next day. This was taken at a little secluded spot with a natural waterfall and it was gorgeous. We also went to a Turkish jewellers where my dad treated us girls to something each (gold ladybird charm bracelet for me thanks!) and a Turkish market town for a bit of shopping where a rather creepy older man tried to chat me up as soon as my dad was seperated from me. Scary times! Creepy man aside, Turkey was beautiful and I absolutely loved it.

Day 27 - A picture of you last year and now and how you changed since then?

This is me last year at a Taylor Swift concert (yay for Taylor!) At Shepherds Bush arena, it was the first of two Taylor concerts we (my friend Mish and I) went to after she came back to do the full American version of the Fearless tour. Proudly sporting my Taylor Swift "Love" bracelet here!

In the year since this photo was taken I think I've changed a fair bit. I've lost a bit of weight, and dyed my hair to a more brunette colour. I've also become more outgoing and confident - somethign starting uni 200+ miles away helped with - and I'm generally happier.

Right then, that's me all up to date with this!When the Internet on my laptop isn't so unstable I've got some Christmas pics to come up on here including my Christmas outfit and a circle of racing penguins.

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